6 benefits the Smart It paperless office can provide

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Most Businesses don’t realise the time and money wasted looking for documents. There are many benefits to a paperless office, some of which you might not even have thought about

Paperless enviroment

Here are the 6 reasons to go paperless:

Easy storage

All documents coming into your office can immediately be scanned and electronically stored. This also allows for easy transmission via email.

Automatic audit trail

Businesses are increasingly required to adhere to strict audit compliance to store records for many years. The smart-it document imaging system has no limits to the amount of documents you can store. Every document attached to a transaction has an audit trail. This also provides the ability to make changes to documents, while keeping the original, as per compliance and audit guidelines.

Time savings

It is no longer necessary to waste time looking for documents. Searches can be done on line in seconds. No more searching in filing rooms full of documents. No more misfiled records.


Documents are accessible by more than one user at the same time.

Business development

Time saving allows the space to develop the business.

Better customer service

Easy access to all customer data to retrieve information will allow your business to proactively provide customer service and respond immediately to enquiries.

To find out how to go paperless by using smart-it, call one of our consultants or follow this link: http://www.smart-it.co.za/help/important-documents.htm & http://www.smart-it.co.za/help/document_imaging.htm

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