Program Update 14 Oct 2016 15:22

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– warehouse transfer: block able to tick External for sent order [4x4direct]
– payslip custom report [ask security]
– GL Bulk Account: add save to PDF option
– project form: fix not show all docs if added project by gl correction [si/am canal edge]
– project income statement: add project budget, budget less profit [si/am]
– jobcard: add receive customer payment
– fix rolling backup delete read only files
– cashup contra: don’t give error on blank lines [speedy]
– credit note lookup: add warehouse [cpt ptr]
– invoices lookup right click function , receive cust payment [si/jaco]
– customer payment: fix double allocation if receive payment for invoice and auto allocated ticked
– new stock item defaults: default reorder level = 0 [mahu]
– stock turnover: add customer area to grid,pivot [eurobrass]
– grid reports: send less data over network thus faster
– stock import: add unit name and qty
– customer/supplier age analysis print: add customer or supplier heading not just age analysis