Program Update 08 Dec 2016 15:41

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08 Dec 2016 15:41
– stock adjustment: update adjustment soh if warehouse changes
– stock adjustment: sort warehouse list
– add sending SMS through
– stock enquiry: fix not find item if stcode maximum length
– silink: add list price and recommended retail price options
– silink: add special price and date range
* dealer must tick “Use supplier Recommended Retail Price”
* on dealer side will put the RRP in price 10 and the special price, special begin/end
– silink: add “Item Pricing Method” to prices, so gets price using that item setting
– quote lookup: add town column
– purchase order: make order qty at least minimum order qty (from item)
– quote: show product image
– quote: show similar items
– quote: make possible custom report with item images
– quote: fix not update price on refresh price from master when change stock item while quote open
– quote lookup: add delete selected
– quote,jobcard,invoice: select price, with security to change price and employee setting minimum price level
– grv: disable lot reference column if not a lot tracking item
– maintenance: mark lot not active for items not marked as lot tracking
– quote: add stock available
– GL Corrections: add security tick for merge and delete
– customer ext lookup: add email column tick to filter for mailing labels