Program Changes

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14 Jun 2017 11:38
– bank manager: existing gl entry – prevent click save if gl entry not selected
– bank manager: fix hash matching making duplicate entries on last day of statement
– stock export: fix out of memory error
– cloud backup: fix error on databases larger than 2.14GB
– backend control panel: fix right click create backup without images making with images backup
– quote, sales order, jobcard: button to select contact
– jobcard: don’t use totals from linked invoice because it might have been added to
– prestashop: add check and fix for duplicate prestashop ID on different products
* to remove wrong images, tick “Verify Server Side”
– prestashop: features add ordering
– tarsus import: image download ignore not found images
– sales order: prevent change qty less than packed and prevent cancel packed order
– stock label: add lot expiry date for custom label
– stock master: add Best Before Days
– stock ext lookup: bulk change best before days
– stock label: add bestbefore_fromtoday date (Today + Best Before Days)

02 Jun 2017 13:03
– stock turnover: fix error on open
– quote: fix email button removing header lines