Program Update

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19 Oct 2017 12:30
– quote lookup: fix blank edit user column
– Quote detail > Analysis tab – add customer Price level
* so can see how many items lost on level
– Quote detail die kolom Won verander na Items Won
– jobcard invoice: add support for fixed lines setting
– invoice setting: remove “Cash Invoice – Do Rounding”, can do same with “Round due down to”
– quote: popup alert for older than X days
– alert popup: add alert sound
– trial balance: show only nett debit and credit (currently shows separate sums)
– trial balance: remove dotted lines for better export
– service item sms: add last service date/reading, next service date/reading
– grv,rts,stock adj,pur order: add whole qty check
– cloud backup: remove temporary encrypted files after upload
– archiver: fix error on blank and demo
– fix can not upgrade archived database
– jobcard correction: link equipment
– sales order: setting to jump to barcode scan again adding item
– sales order packing: refresh fix not display new values while stay on line
– eft lookup: not jump to bottom when sort
– stock master: Add Images From Combo Items button