Program Update 06 Dec 2017 14:48

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06 Dec 2017 14:48
– dashboard: customer age analysis filter zero totals like form [4x4direct]
– cash journal form: add auditno as hidden column
– cash journal form: right click row add open GL detail
– GL correction: fix change GL account of auditno changes all cash journal bank accounts with same account instead of just the one [keursnit]
* does not affect GL entries, just the form
– jobcard: add new on job form does not release the lock on the job [phantom cycles]
– cloud backup upload: fix “could not find file” error [mas]
– other supplier link: calc similar only on button click [am]
– prestashop: try harder to match existing tax on web
– prestashop: add images to fast update [4x4direct]
– grv correction: change item code [tdsa]
* right click option on grv line
– jobcard: add GP% on line
– cash/adjustment journal: export/import [jaco]