Whatsapp is here!

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Smart iT finally has integration with WhatsApp.

You need to have either WhatsApp Desktop client installed or have WhatsApp web client open.

This is only supported for single messages, not for bulk messages.

Supported in Job Card, Sales Order & Customer Extra.

Job Card

On an open Job card, there is a WhatsApp button next to SMS.

Sales Order

On an open Sales Order, open the Extra drop-down menu and select WhatsApp.

Customer Extra

Under the Customer Tab, open the Extra drop-down menu and select WhatsApp.

Compiling and sending a message

The Message Screen will open.

Here you can now compile a message and use Replacements as per the example (Replacements shown on right) as well as correct the number if it is not correct.

Once you have completed your message, click the Send button on the bottom right of the page.

You can also save the message to create a template for future use.


WhatsApp should now open with your message and your recipient already selected.

You can now click on the Send button to send the message.


Please contact us if you require further assistance.