Encrypt your email attachments (POPI Compliance)

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Smart-iT has a function for encrypting your attachments when sent directly

If you need to send sensitive or private information via email, it is vital that you encrypt those files to ensure that they cannot be intercepted or accessed. Regular email attachments are unprotected, which means that they are delivered in a potentially accessible state.

The Setup

In Smart-iT, Click on the Company Tab, and then click on the Application Options button.

Tick the tick box under the Email section, Encrypt Report Attachment (This may be a legal requirement).

Document View Password can be set to either ID Number or Email Password.

If you set it to ID Number, please ensure that all your customer’s ID numbers are set up within Smart-iT under each Customer’s General Tab.

If you set it to Email Password, please ensure that all your customers have a password set up (preferably a unique password for each customer) with Smart-iT under each Customer’s Financial Info Tab, under the General Section in the Email Password field.


Please contact us if you require further assistance.