May Update News

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We added currency support to the invoice and sales orders. The document will be in the selected currency and on processing will be converted in GL to your default currency (default:Rand). Currency can be set as an invoice and customer level setting. The tax for an item can also be set using a tax override on the customer.

Offline Sales

You can now export sales orders made on a disconnected computer and import them into your main database. 

Customer Statements

Added an “Amount Due” according to payment terms to make it easier for your customer to know what they owe.

Sales Order Packing

You can now move stock on sales orders to a seperate warehouse until invoicing for stock control purposes.

Purchase Planning

Min/Max stock levels can now be set by hand or transferred from the new suggested Min/Max levels. 
“Suggested Order Qty – No Regression” is now named “Suggested Order Qty: Levels”
You can now select the items to work with before transfering the suggested or other values to Order Qty.
Many more transfer option added including from Shortfall.

Stock Lookup

Added a “Uncommitted” column that shows (In Stock – Sales Order Qty); works like the previous “Available” column but without stock allocation required. There is a new “In Stock Only” filter for customers with thousands of items without stock for faster stock lookup. 


There are new SEO related functions for prestashop including setting the name,title,desription and URL for stock groups. You can also add stock group cover image and default item image. Also added is  “Use Uncommited Stock For Web Stock Qty” setting and web order branch setting.

New option to add your supplier’s stock to your stock quantity for your website. Stock status has new field to describe stock availability on prestashop if your supplier has stock.

Bulk security form

You can now set the security for all forms in the program in once place: Employee -> Bulk Security Setup


You can now see the stock value per group on the stock value at date form.

Jobdetails now has an analysis tab.

Invoice will now give a warning if customer order number has been used but like jobcard will not prevent processing.

Quotes are now prevented from being opened by two people at the same time like jobcards.

Bank manager now has reference field for new items and a note field next to bank transactions.