June/July Program Changes

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As always we have made many great improvements to the program. Here is the latest changes made in June/first week in July.


– till no can assign to employee

– touch invoice: fullscreen button for distraction free selling and a little more screen space.

– touch invoice: add quick add customer

– touch invoice: print proforma
    * under new extra button
   * can be allowed or blocked using security

– quick sell: cache data and images for faster opening

– add item lookup: keep lookup data in cache after closing form
    * much faster if have many items
    * must now click refresh or exit program for new data to appear

– promo voucher: can provide own voucherno


– add external transfer type to warehouse transfer
    * for branch transfers not on same database
    * can export/import

– stock take: can now select multiple categories

– rts: add images

– stock turnover analysis tab: add document count

– stock detail lookup: fix slow opening on large database

– stock value at date analysis: add root stock group

– stock label lookup: change to select and set, add web tick

– add clone item("item based on this item") to sales order, workshop, touch invoice

– custom stock label: add special price, pr 1-9

– stock ext lookup: add warehouse filter for stock levels


– Document Images Lookup: add show duplicates
    * must first click calculate fingerprints

– Document Images Lookup: add stock description

– sales order sms add tracking number

– prestashop: similar items as accessories

– prestashop order note import to sales order note

– doc img lookup: select to delete, optimize images to target size

– add image: allow select multiple images files at once


– security: can block change grid report
    * set on bulk security; search for "grid report control"

– jobcard picking list: default printer and custom design