Program Updates 12 Apr 2017 14:46

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12 Apr 2017 14:46
– booking/calendar module
– Pack sales order: make wrong item popup only closable by mouse
– Prestashop: fix export error on combination items with supplier item codes longer than 32 chars
– sales order: add internal note
– pay supplier invoices: allow process even if just allocate credits with no new payment
– quick cashup put tillno in gl description
– credit note: allow discount item
– jobcard: add edit user, date
– jobcard lookup: add edit user
– GRN/Purchase Order: prevent add inactive item
– emp bulk security: copy from one group to another
– GL bulk account print: to excel option
– michelin report: change exclude to wholesale separate sheet reports
– customer journal import with invoiceno/orderno
* new amount, supplier discount, invoiceno import fields
– invoice lookup: add cash customer name
– tax summary: change “Turnover” heading to “Turnover Incl”
– recurring invoice excel export add orderno and memo
– prestashop: remove categories no longer exported