Program Update 04 May 2017 17:04

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04 May 2017 17:04
– appointment reminder: fix showing for employees not involved
– prestashop: fix for not removing products on web that is now on combo master item
– prestashop: order import if PS incl and excl same make VAT Not Applicable (for orders outside SA)
– GL loan form
* under Ledger -> Extra
– quote: add currency support
– stock turnover pivotgrid: change Doc Count to count distinct documents instead of lines
– sales order picking slip: email window not block program like invoice rpt
– rts should not give error if warehouse on line has stock (different warehouse on rts extra)
– grv Cost price will change by X% warning make setting instead of fixed 20%
– customer equipment lookup: add SMS selected
– stock master, stock ext lookup: add url link to prestashop product page