Program Update 26 May 2017 15:30

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26 May 2017 15:30
– booking settings: fix error if close calendar before closing settings
– frontosa import: add frontosa branches setting
– jobcard: make memo bigger
– supplier inv payment: fix journal reverse option
– supplier bulk change: backorder
– stock ext lookup: add demand column
– Clone Item from Item Main form under “extra” dropdown.
– prestashop: export barcode
* must be valid UPC or EAN13 code for it to export (only numbers max 13 characters long)
– main menu: disable menu right click customize
– appointment: export to outlook
– appointment: send invites buttons
– customer statement email: add email content setting
– invoice,jobcard: give error if NSI cost not filled in
* setting on stock options
– stock ext lookup: add sales set count