Program Update 31 Jan 2017

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31 Jan 2018 16:12
– vat report: fix other output adding ex amount instead of the vat amount
– sales overview: add branch
– invoice lookup analysis: add branch
– stock master: add product page URL, memo tab
– add item lookup: similar items add show image F12
– show image viewer: close by pressing F12
– stock turnover: fix overflow error
– invoice lookup: name column make company name from customer master
– syntech import: new pricelist url
– syntech import: option to use the RRP
– syntech import: option to discontinue items no longer on list
– invoice form: invoice from sales order only allocated
– excel stock import: additional order qty
– jobcard: require equipment setting
– sales order: fix “Qty allocated more than instock” on discount item
– sicloud backup made faster on large database