eCommerce Integration with Smart-IT Comparison Guide

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Smart-IT can now integrate with multiple eCommerce Platforms.
The following platforms are currently being supported by Smart-IT.
Prestashop, WooCommerce, and Shopify.

The table below is a summary of the integrations with Smart-IT and Woo Commerce / Shopify / Prestashop. This can assist you in the decision making when considering a new webshop.

Syncing functions between Smart-IT and the eCommerce Platforms.

Function Description Woo Commerce Shopify

Presta shop

Stock available Yes Yes Yes
Item Description Yes No Yes
Product Page URL No No Yes
Memo / Long Description Yes No Yes
Images Yes No Yes
Pricing Yes Yes Yes
Discount Item Setup Yes Yes Yes
Shipping Item Setup Yes Yes Yes
Stock Groups Yes No Yes
Import Yes Yes Yes
Update Sales Order Status Yes No Yes
Custom Messages for Out of Stock Items No No Yes
Import (only that have placed order) Yes Yes Yes
Update/Export Customer Group No No Yes
Manual Yes Yes Yes
Auto Yes Yes Yes
Once off costing No Hosting R 3000 R 2500 R 4000
Once off Costing with Hosting * * R 1500
Monthly Cost No Hosting R 150 * R 150 * R 199
Monthly Cost with Hosting N/A N/A R 285

Please note: WooCommerce & Shopify has their own monthly fees and once-off fees.

All Prices are displayed as VAT exclusive.

Additionally you will need the Smart-IT Base as well as the Smart-IT Sales Order Module.

WooCommerce Pros vs Cons

Pros for WooCommerce:

  • Can be added to a WordPress website
  • Easy to find affordable local designers
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Themes and Modules readily available
  • Excellent integration with Smart-IT but can also be used more manually if desired.

Cons for WooCommerce:

  • Prestashop has some fields that WooCommerce does not example: Custom Messages for Out of stock Items.

Shopify Pros vs Cons

Pros for Shopify:

  • No need to worry about hosting or version upgrades
  • Extensive (paid) modules and themes
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Can be incorporated with a WordPress website with a plugin

Cons for Shopify:

  • Shopify is not fully integrated with Smart-IT. This means that you would have to do some of the work twice. I.E you would need to create the item directly in the control panel of your website and then again in Smart-IT.
  • Certain things can be impossible to change
  • Limited category levels
  • More expensive generally

Prestashop Pros vs Cons


  • Prestashop is fully integrated with Smart-IT making it much easier to manage your website.
    You only have to update changes in Smar-IT and it will automatically update on your webshop.
    I.E Changes to Item descriptions, images, price updates, specials, stock groups
  • Flexible – a web designer can change almost anything
  • Themes and modules available


  • Prestashop gives you more control and options so it can be less user-friendly.
  • Smart-IT takes total control so any changes HAS TO BE made on Smart-IT
  • Add-on’s and themes can be expensive
  • Less well known to local web developers