Statements over time

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Looking at historical data will help with the following:

  • Where you can possibly save some money or cut some costs.
  • Is your business growing or falling behind?
  • Finding abnormalities
  • Help you make informed decisions for future planning and help you plan a budget.
  • Finding trends

See the steps below on how to look at statements over time.

Step 1:
Go to Ledger > Statements

Step 2:
Click on “Statements over time ”

Step 3:
Select the Historical length and date that you want to view your data.
Click on ” Show ”

Step 4:
Click on the name to have a look at that specific ledger account.
Click on the arrow to display the subgroups.
Below is an example of the ledger account “advertising & promotions”

Please feel free to contact us for assistance or have a look at our help file here: