Program Update 17 May 2017 16:20

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17 May 2017 16:20
– Michelin sales report only add wholesale numbers if wholesale customer group selected
– Supplier payment: right click reverse option to reverse credit only payment allocation
– job card lookup: fix pivotgrid report and add print
– calendar: quick add customer
– clientID on frontend bottom right corner, add to license lookup
– GL Loan: make first payment date same as principal entry date so repayment same as online calculators
– purchase order import excel stcode,unit pr excl,qty
– stock item: sell in multiple of X
* for not sell tyres one by one, only in sets of 2 eg 2,4,6,8
* Sales Set Count on Additional Info tab
– Daily close form: add till cashup no
– customer form conversation tab: right click create booking
– stock lookup, ext lookup: right click order item, fill in default supplier
– prestashop: fix for not import latest order
– calendar settings: add timezone
– calendar: remember View Options (grouping,view,work hours,show weekend)
– quote: allow 0 qty
– recurring inv: never lock escalation date
– stock take process print: add stock take no
– customer birthday and crm contact lookup filter