SI Link feature for multiple stores.

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Aim of SI Link Feature:

  • To automatically update the Dealers (Franchisee’s) inventory with Head Office (Franchisor’s) inventory data such as description, price, inventory groups, etc.
  • This also enables the dealer to see the stock levels of Head Office.
  • Purchase orders made out by the Dealer will automatically display as a Sales Order at Head Office.
  • Stock Levels of all branches/dealers can also be viewed

Go to: Company > siLink

Steps Head Office (Franchisor) must take to enable this feature.

Click on siLink Sync. The following form will open.

Select the Sync. button to synchronize (export) your data with the dealer.
Select the Sync. Orders Only button to import all the Purchase Orders from the dealer as a Sales Order into your system.

Step 1.
Select the Publish Tab and type in the API key. The API key is supplied by Smart-It and is done only once.

Step 2.
Select the price list and price level you want to upload to the dealer.

Root Stock Group Usually, you can leave it blank. Only select this option if you want the Franchisor’s inventory groups to be displayed under your selected group.
Override Stock Status The Dealer must select the checkbox if he wants to update the inventory status, example ‘End of Life’, ‘On Special’, etc.

The Status is set in the Main Inventory Form by the Franchisor.

The Status will be displayed in the Extended Item Lookup.


List Price Select which price you want to use. Item Main Form > Cost and Selling Prices

The Head Office sales price will be displayed as the Suppliers List Price on the Dealer side.

The program will determine if it must use the inclusive or exclusive sales price as the Suppliers List Price by looking if the dealer is registered for VAT. Set it in the Tax Types & Percentages form. Go to Ledger | Tax Set-up

Export Stock Levels If the Dealer (Franchisee) must see the stock levels of the Head Office (Franchisor).
Price list Each inventory item can belong to a price list and is set on the Main Inventory Form
Override Stock Status Set the web status in the Main Inventory Form

Step 3.
Enable siLinkfor each Dealer who should receive the updates.

Open the Customer Main Form for the specific customer (dealer), select the Custom Tab and then select Enable siLink. See image below.

The API key is generated automatically and must be sent to the dealer (franchisee).
The dealer must enter the API Key in the Supplier Main Form (See steps the dealer is required to take)
After generating the API key, you must synchronize your data by clicking on the Sync button. See the first image.

Steps the Dealer (Franchisee) is required to take to enable this feature.

Step 1. (Action only needed to be performed once).
Add the Franchisor (Head Office) as a Supplier
Open the Main Supplier Form. Select the siLink Tab and select Enable siLink (see image below).
Type in the API key as supplied by the Franchisor. This is done only once.

Step 2.
Open the siLink Form. Go to: Company | siLink

Step 3.
Select the Sync button in the Sync tab to update your data.

If the dealer makes out a Purchase Order to the Supplier (Franchisor), and the Enable siLinkis selected on the Main Supplier Form, then the purchase order will be automatically exported to the Franchisor and the Purchase Order will be imported as a Sales Order on the Franchisor’s side. The sales order will only be generated after the Franchisor has updated his data – by clicking the Sync button in the siLink form.